Monday, January 11, 2010

From Vampire to Fairy

For Halloween Elle wanted to be a vampire. She came to this decision after seeing a picture in a magazine. Her two year old imagination was captured by this picture. It was a picture of a vampire from the television series Dark Shadows. She didn't know what a vampire did but, that's what she wanted to be for Halloween. My wife and I were in a quandary. We felt she was to young to be a vampire but, convincing her once she has her mind set is a tall order. We took the tactic of trying to suggest other options. Elle held tight to the idea of being a vampire. So, I thought taking her to the mall to find her costume might be a way to steer her into a new costume option. In a mature of minutes her mind went from vampire, big bad wolf and ballerina. Then her eyes lit up as she saw fairy wings. A hybrid of a ballerina and fairy was created. Elle was very proud and excited for Halloween now that she had the perfect costume. Luckily she wasn't interested in the candy she received. We made a deal that she could trade it all in for a special treat and that worked great. I think her favorite part was saying Trick or Treat and answering the door for the  children and giving out candy. A successful Halloween and we look forward to next year.