Friday, February 26, 2010

What we are reading.

We are a family that enjoys reading. I am very happy that Elle finds enjoyment and wonder in books. When I have my free moments I enjoy having a book that I can easily return to. The latest book I have been tackling is "Retail Hell" by Freeman Hall. I choose this particular book because one of my first jobs was working retail. Also, if you have worked retail and have a sense of humor only great stories can come of the experience. The author has true sense for describing the atmosphere that hangs on the retail experience and all the true to life characters that reside with in. I recommend "Retail Hell" for a nice enjoyable title one can read at your leisure.
One of Elle's bedtime routines is that she gets two chapters read to her by her mother. Most of the books she enjoys are definitely for an older age group but she really gets wrapped up in the stories. Elle and her mother have made their way through most of the Ronald Dahl books. The last one they have finished up is "Matilda" which Elle has been a favorite so far. I can see they both get a great sense of enjoyment from that time they get to spend together.

Three Years Old

Elle was beyond excited to turn three. She would proudly hold up three fingers and proclaim, "I'm going to be three years old." For half of Elle's life I have been a stay at home dad. I have been able to witness her growth on a day to day basis. Starting out on this journey I truly didn't realize how challenging being a stay at home parent would be. I am very lucky to have a healthy, happy and intelligent child. I am also fortunate to have a loving and supportive wife who has been facing the challenges of being the sole financial provider. Despite whatever personal challenges we have faced as parents our love as a family has brought us strength.