Monday, September 20, 2010

In a down cycle.

Wife & daughter looking for treasure along the shore.
The month of September  has been one of few posts so far. The frequency of new posts seems to flow in  cycles with regards to my relationship with this blog. When events take me away from this connected world of Twitter, Facebook and e-mail I always have a difficult time reconnecting. Luckily this period of time away was for a little vacation down to Elle's grandparent's Bay house. We were not by the sea but, I felt in tune with the saying "seduced by the sea". Maybe it was because it was a particularly windy day and the sight of white caps sung to my soul. Just getting lost and having my mind turned off as I took in the peaceful view of water and sail boats cruising along. That calling of being by the water never fails. So, getting back to the real world it is sometimes hard for me to flick the switch back on. As I type this post we are on the eve of another road trip this time down to Virginia. Elle and I escorting my wife on this trip which is work related for her. I will spend the days trying to keep Elle occupied until my wife finishes with her work related duties. We almost canceled our part in the trip because Elle caught a bug from school and spent most of the weekend sick. Even though see sounded the part of having a cold her energy level did not play the same part. So much of the weekend was spent trying to keep her contained from singing, dancing and just running about the house. We actually spent most of Sunday watching Football which was a true surprise to me. I have to say my wife was more into the games than I was and she spent most of the day explaining the rules to Elle. I never thought Football would be harder to explain than Baseball. I took a back seat to heavy explanation because I was feeling the effects of the Elle's cold getting passed along to me. Also, I kept falling asleep once it hit five o'clock after I had made diner. With cold and all we will track down to Virginia. It's the the time of year when many of my wife's traveling for work starts. Many of the trips it's not possible for us to come along. When we can I know it important for my wife to spend the time with us. Because she doesn't like being away from the family. Cold and all we'll tough it out and hopefully I'll be able to shake the water off the brain and get back to a more regular cycle of posting.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A little vacation. Part 2

We took a little vacation down to Elle's grandparents Bay house for a week. The trip was filled with great enjoyable moments. My wife and I didn't come back rested but, at least we got a tan. We ran into nightly bedtime drama with Elle. Once I merge the details with my wife an appropriate post will detail what was then bothersome and is now funny. So, I'm still shaking off the vacation rust. Slowing getting back into the connected world after a week being disconnected.

Elle has found a love of crabs.
This is the friendly stray cat who's name was changed by Elle from Harry to Charlie and finally Buster.
Looking for treasure.
Getting her reps in before going to see a college football game.