Friday, November 5, 2010

Just another day.

At times the days of being a stay at home dad can feel a bit reminiscent of the movie "Groundhog Day". But, I don't consider myself sliding into the crevasse of being a stressed at home dad. This past Thursday started much like all the past Thursday's. Now I'm not going to wow anyone with a mind blowing day. I thought I would just share to at least keep this blog a little more current and not so sad with the lack of newly published posts. 

Onwards to the day that was Thursday. Like many days it starts with us getting up at 5AM to drop of my wife at the train station. Around 5:20AM Elle and I are back at home she is placed in bed to quickly get back to sleep before her wake up time of 8AM. Elle gets the chance to sleep in mom and dad's bed during this time which at least assures me she'll be asleep in a matter of minutes. I take this time to get caught up on the Tivo queue because I have a good number of shows I know my wife has no interest seeing. Once 7:30AM rolls around I slip downstairs to get Elle's breakfast in place along with some breakfast for myself to accompany my cup of coffee. As I head back upstairs an outfit will be laid out for school. The choice is nothing concrete, Elle always has the right to veto any of the picks. Usually I'll have to pick her up out of bed because she is not a morning person. Unless it's the weekend when Elle will make sure to get up extra early so as to insure that both parents don't get the joy of sleeping in. When it comes to school days Elle seems to have the knack for drawing out her routine as long as possible. So, I have to chime in every five minutes to light a fire under her "drag the morning out bit". We were running a bit behind schedule when I received a call  from her school. They had a small electrical fire so I should wait to bring Elle to school until the matter was cleared up. About an hour and a half later we get the okay. 

Once drop off is done I make my way over to the grocery store hoping to avoid the senior citizen rush that I am always lucky enough to run into. Even though I am not a fan of having to weave my around these elderly folk, I do enjoy taking a few moments and watching the Great Granny Grape Thief.  Every Thursday when hit the produce section I feel as if I should have a National Geographic film crew in tow. I watch from a distance as she carefully inspects each bag and individual take out the stems with her glasses pushed up to her forehead as she gets a closer look at each grape. One of her time honored practices is to get the bag she selected to the proper weight. But, the cherry on this sundae is how she smuggles two fist full of grapes into her embroidered granny sweater that has strategically placed pockets in the front. She will take one last look around to make sure she isn't spotted by any of the employees then she is off to make her way around the store with her prized snacks in place to enjoy as she goes about the rest of her shopping. One of my other favorites from the elderly pack that descends upon the aisles of the grocery store is the couple that no doubt have spent decades together. As they go about their shopping, his duty is to push the cart around hers is to guard the list and pick out the listed items. Every time they make a stop she'll chime in by saying "your pushing the cart to fast and you keep on bumping into me, what are you trying to do, run me over?". His expression doesn't change, he just silently continues his task. Whatever I'm going to cook for the next few days is based on what's fresh and how I can combine it to make a meal. Somehow after I get what I need and I weave my way around find I have easily chewed up an hour. Finally back on the home front I put together a menu for the next few days.

I take some time to make lunch and check the job listings before I tackle some laundry, cleaning and food prep. Once I get those glorious tasks out of the way I get a text that my wife will be home an hour earlier. So somethings have to get dropped from my mental "to do" list and I have to time diner out just right so it's ready as we are walking in the door from picking up both the wife and daughter. On the docket tonight is a paella. A dish I have done many times, each time it's a little different that's the perk of doing it from memory. Once all the steps are complete for diner I throw it in the oven and know I have twenty minutes to pick up everyone and get back home. I make the choice to pick up my wife first from the train station - luckily her train came in on time. Now to quickly pick up Elle and as we are walking in the door the timer is going off. Diner is on the table with no complaints as everyone enjoys the meal. The wife and I get to enjoy an adult beverage while Elle has a pear for dessert. A little before bedtime Elle and mom get the Pandora started and Elle has a little dance part to work off any extra energy before it's time for her to start getting ready for bed. That's pretty much  a typical day - nothing exciting or ground breaking, just another day.
Off to school.
The menu for the next four days. Forgive the poor writing & spelling.
A little time to get some house cleaning done. 
After school dress up time.
She's trying to use her shoe as a carriage with the dinosaur pulling it.

Often I find pictures like this on my phone that I have to delete from my from the photo gallery.