Monday, July 18, 2011

I Think I'm Turning Into A Grumpy Old Man

Maybe it's the few white hairs making an appearance on my head or maybe I need to get out more. But I think that I'm turning in to a grumpy old man. Now I will share a list of example of things that leave me shaking my fist at the sky and just another old man ranting.

  • We have two dogs that thankfully bark when someone rings the door bell or knocks at the door. This characteristic is very helpful. My next door neighbor's dog doesn't seem to share this ability. It's in the habit of barking all day. As if it's on a time clock, it punches in at eight and clocks out around six.  
  • I remember learning the arm gestures for signaling a turn in driver's ed. Luckily for many decades cars have come equipped with turn signals. Hence with a quick flick your intention of where you are going to turn is indicated. It seems that the ability to use this device is a simple act that has been forgotten. Thus leading to a bit of a guessing game on my part. If I was blessed with the gift of mind reading yes, I would know their intentions. But, if I had the ability to read minds I would be wealthy and I would have a driver that would deal with this. Or, I might possibly be locked in a secret government base somewhat like one of those "X-Men".
  • Living in the city we often get fliers and menus dropped off on a nearly daily basis. That I have no problem with in the slightest. What does irk me is if you ring the doorbell to hand me said flier or menu. That, sir or madam, is unnecessary. That what the mail slot is for and as I mentioned in the first bullet point the dogs react to the door bell.
That is all for my grumpy old man musings. I am sure I will be back again to revisit my old man side with a firm shaking fist pointed to the sky. 


  1. Ed, I think we eventually all become a bit bothered by life, and everybody in it. Are you becoming a grumpy old man...I seriously doubt it. Midlife crisis? No. At 29, you’re much too young to be having one of these just yet. Just wait until the big 40 comes around, Ed. Then you have an absolute right, in my humble opinion, to bitch, gripe and complain about anything and everything.

  2. Maybe you're going through "The Change". m.

  3. That's not old, that is just frustration at people who do idiotic things.

  4. Wow I must be really old and grumpy since my list is much longer and involves a shotgun with pesk sales people showing up. Oh wait that's from the movie secondhand lions.