Sunday, July 3, 2011

Little Moments That Make It Special

With the grind that comes along with the weeks and months that go by it's easy to get tunnel vision. The little moments when we are together as a family without anything on the agenda except spending time with each other - those moments tend to bring everything into focus. Time slows down and a sense of peace seems to take hold. Those moments are the one's that help me reset from whatever stress may be weighing on me. As little as those moments might be they are memories I file away in the back of my mind. All the stresses and worries that seem to anchor me down are minor in scope. Everything that makes me happy and fulfilled is right in front of me.

None of it would be possible if it weren't for a marriage that took place eight years ago today. Walking down that aisle in a chapel in Las Vegas after we became husband and wife was the start of a beautiful union. Many of life's obstacles have come our way and together we have leaned on each other. My wife has helped shape me into a better person and together we have made a family. One that fills me with love and happiness. To a great eight years and to many more happy anniversaries, my love.


  1. Those moments make us appreciate just how wonderful the last 8 years have been. Thank you for being such an amazing father and husband - here's to many more years together.

    Mrs. Ed@HomeDad

  2. Look at you two, all cute and all with your little post and comments back. You're so sweet you make me sick! Just kidding. You know I love you both to pieces. And look, you made it through your "7 year itch" with barely a scratch. How about that!
    Here's for 70 more!
    Your Friend, m.