Monday, July 11, 2011

Nutrition Is A Important Part Of Our Family-Previously Posted On LIFEclectic Magazine

Making healthy food choices and educating our daughter about nutrition is important to us as parents and as a family. We feel one of the most important steps begins with us as parents leading by example. To help us in this effort, we started gardening and making sure our daughter is involved in the process of growing, planning menus and cooking. This has helped us teach her the importance of bringing nutritional meals to the table. But the choice to be healthier really took hold before we even became parents. To read the rest of the post click on the link to LIFEclectic magazine.


  1. Healthy eating is very important for a child’s development. We too encourage our son to eat a piece of fruit and drink a glass of milk or water, and forgo candy and fruit juices, although we do occasionally allow a few sweets and a small glass of OJ for breakfast. And you’re absolutely right, it all starts at home. If the child sees mom and dad eating healthy foods, the child will generally mimic them.