Thursday, February 24, 2011

Watching my mouth.

So it's widely know kids are magnets for the good and the bad. From four years of experience I can whole heartedly attest to the prior statement. One of my bad traits that I have had to put a cap on to avoid this magnetic attraction is cursing. Starting from Catholic grade school to Jesuit high school it's an unattractive trait that seemed to get more creative through those years. After college, working in bars and restaurants fostered the continued use of bad language. Moving into the professional world and (let I not forget) marriage helped curb it a bit. But, one place the habit resurfaces is in the car. It was not taught in drivers ed but, growing up driving in Washington D.C and the surrounding metro area just brought the cursing beast out. 

My wife can probably back me up on the fact that I have come a long way on many things since our happy union. The occasional slip has definitely occurred. The most notable that comes to memory was about two years ago. Where we live we have about one-tenth of the traffic that D.C. has but, we do have a lot of elderly drivers. Slowly traveling behind one of these members of the greatest generation I blurt out "what the f***?!" I happen to have Elle in the car. On the way back from our errand we experienced deja vu only this time Elle was blurting out  "What the f***?!"  This led to a father-daughter conversation about bad words and how I was wrong to say that and not to repeat dad's foul language. 

It's been a long time since I've heard any profanity spill out from my child's mouth. I admittedly have the occasional slip. Instead of the words coming from the Curse Word Rolodex they have become a cut-and-paste effort. So, I might throw out the occasional crud, crud bucket, meatballs, holy taco Batman and assorted creative curse replacements. Luckily I haven't had to have a conversation with Elle about not repeating any of my creative curse word replacements, yet.

Monday, February 14, 2011

I could buy a card.

Mondays don't seem particularly romantic. It being Valentines Day a certain bit a romance needs to be presented to lighten up the hue of blue that falls on Monday. As I type out these words Elle is cutting out hearts from construction paper while listening to Elton John's "Don't go breaking my heart" and I'm closely watching the oven. She's preparing some cards and I making some pastry puffs. Once we finish our respective tasks we'll team up to fill the pastries with guava jelly and top them off with some powdered sugar. I thought I would beat the Valentine's Day flower rush by ordering some roses to be delivered on Friday. Also, serving the dual purpose of being around for the weekend when my wife could actually enjoy them. Just my luck when I opened up the box to prep the flowers for presentation they were a bit ugly. Luckily the unattractive flowers were quickly forgiven. At least today they look a bit better than when they arrived. 
I could have bought a card but, I decided to do a post and borrow one of the construction paper hearts to make my Valentines day card this year.

To my wife,

What I knew of love ten years ago pales in comparison to what I know of love today. That is a credit to you. I grew up with a skewed view of what and how people show love for one another. With your compassion and patience you helped me open my eyes. It's wasn't an over night revelation. But, you let me grow and evolve to become a husband and a father you could be proud of. There is a great level of comfort in knowing that whatever may come I have you beside me. But, it is a fact that is never taken for granted. You are a light in my heart and my mind that bring a warming love to my soul and a smile to my face. With this Valentine's Monday I say thank you for being my beautiful and wonderful love. May we continue to grow and enjoy all that we have together. From a pub in Foggy Bottom to our lives today I wouldn't change a thing.

With all of me I love you now and forever,


Monday, February 7, 2011

Lessons in Anatomy.

Sometimes a car ride can turn into a lesson in the anatomy of a song. To be fair most car rides turn into a deep analysis of top forty hits. For example the other day after picking up my wife from the train station the song "Grenade" by Bruno Mars came on the radio. Within seconds the barrage of questions came from the back seat. This is a combination of two conversations that we had about the same song which seem to come on the radio every time we got in the car.

Elle: Why is this guy going to catch a grenade for love? That seems a bit dangerous? Why would she throw all he had in the trash? He's going to need that stuff.

Mom: He's just singing about how much he loved this girl and she didn't love him as much as he loved her. He tried very hard to give her all his love but, she didn't do the same for him. So, she didn't really throw all his stuff in the trash.

Elle: Why would he hurt himself for this one girl. He shouldn't try to hurt himself. That's not healthy. Why doesn't she love him that much? Does she just like him as a friend? Did he try flowers or a card?

Dad: Well, let me see how I can answer your questions. He's not trying to hurt himself. He's just explaining that he would do anything for the girl he's signing about because he loves her so much. Your right he shouldn't try to hurt himself. Sometimes love can be tricky between two people. Sometimes it works out, other times it can be a lot of work. Maybe she does just like him as a friend but, I'm sure he won't have a problem finding someone else to love. I have no idea if he tried cards or flowers.

Elle: Well I guess he should try being friends first so he doesn't get his feelings so hurt. Maybe he will have better luck next time.

This was at least easier to break down than a Ke$ha song.